How to Make Your Skincare Routine Sustainable

How to Make Your Skincare Routine Sustainable - sustainable skin care routine

Our skin care routine is an advertisement that you can’t do. It immediately makes you happy, but why not make it sustainable for your environment and the world? It’s small, you see.


Learning to read magazines is the first step towards sustainable beauty. The use of harmful and harmless substances is not only good for our skin, but also for the environment. The production of some cosmic particles is harmful to the planet and the environment, so let’s take a closer look.

Reuse Everything You Can

Make-up remover, cotton pads: how much make-up can you remove per day? The long-term solution for your bag and the environment is to use different cleaning products. There are many solutions on the market today, including cotton, bamboo and microfiber. So turning a reusable product into a reusable product makes a big difference to you.

Be Responsible With the Use of Water

Saving water is the best campaign we can do for our planet. And how do you do that? Take small steps every day. When brushing your teeth, make sure you do not turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. The same goes for washing your hair using a hair mask or massage, but I prefer to pay for makeup without sand and waterless.

Use Few Products and Until the End

Another important point is not to split the product in half, but to make full use of it. Some packages even contain a percentage of the product and only opening can prevent waste. In addition, modified plastics are difficult to transport and separate from these materials. The focus may change slightly.

In addition, the use of various products reduces the use of these products and improves the skin care system, which benefits our company. For example? Coconut Oil: These supplements are not only good for our skin. Skin and hair dryers can be used as in the kitchen. This is something that can be used a thousand times.

Sources of the Environment

The first hero on the Spanish market was olive oil from Provence (France). All over the world, dry skin oil spreads rapidly and nourishes the face, hair and body.

Lolo Kuzie Biology

In this case, the sea is the year 2019. It supports the Mercia tertipo. The cream contains cream, salt and pepper to soften, restore and remove the water.


The process is 94% natural and 99% soft, fresh, durable, easy to carry and soft. There is a special oatmeal that you will feel.

Dust and Life

The philosophy of the Spanish company Ashes to Life is to breathe new life into fireheads and turn them into metal. They are doing this to restore the forests destroyed by fire. The soap contains coconut butter and micronized olive oil.


If they don’t make vegan powder (without silicones or surfactants) there is now a new rule! We respect the principle of sustainability. For example, if you work with plastic bags to prevent contamination, the materials are 97% recyclable and fully recyclable. As with shampoo of this quality, it is common to use almond oil.

Oland Lifting Effect Eye Contour

This eye cream beautifies the eyes and beautifies your mind. Like the rest of the brands, it is certified by Nature, which is rated for 95% natural ingredients. In this case, hyaluronic acid is combined with lemon, orange juice, poppy extract, chlorella and macadamia seeds .

Extra Wild

It is a Spanish brand founded by women. Eco-luxury is defined as cosmetics because it targets both men and women. Their facial serum combines three molecular heavy hyaluronic acids into three activities: moist and regenerative fire.


It combines four of the most essential hair oils: argan (healing), apricot (bleaching), camellia (strengthening), and Egyptian geranium (restoration). It is illuminating, smooth and helps with nourishment, so it can be used for all hair types.


Known for its healing properties, Reishi mushrooms are the main ingredient in this tonic compound. In addition to regulating the pH of the skin, it protects your skin from irritation, reduces allergic reactions… 94% of the active ingredient in the system is organic.


Not everything will be new. Many companies, such as Nivea, are already involved in the green movement in one way or another. Their organic products are made from 95% processed and recycled and recycled packaging. For example, Michele water is used to make aloe.


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