Find a Blockchain Developer for the Team

Find a blockchain developer for the team - where to find blockchain developers

When you start a blockchain project and are not a developer yourself, be prepared for the long and difficult process to hire blockchain developers. In principle, a potential employee should not have any special specialization. It is enough to have good experience in C / C ++, Python, or Java. But the willingness to conduct a hardcore revision of your knowledge, start looking at the world from a different angle, and delve into the new is very important because the Internet on the blockchain is Web 3.0.

What is the peculiarity of blockchain development?

It cannot be said that blockchain development is fundamentally different from traditional one. As mentioned above, you need a good background, knowledge of programming languages, and a willingness to delve into the blockchain. It represents a combination of technologies that have already become traditional, but their new combination provides very wide work opportunities. And here, the willingness to take a different look at these technologies is essential. It’s like other art schools: the same tools, techniques, and canvases – the execution is different.

Of course, there are mandatory requirements for developers. For example, cryptography, graph theory, combinatorics, and calculus,. Of the programming languages for blockchain development, C/C++ is essential since most projects are written in it. But that’s not all. More information you can find here

Features of hunting blockchain developers

Traditional search methods need to work better on the blockchain. The community of qualified people is rather narrow, and specialized agencies have yet to appear, so some features must be considered when hunting.

There are few blockchain developers, and there are a lot of offers from companies. And it will take several years for that to change.

Many experienced developers have gathered like-minded people, launched their projects and successfully conducted ICOs, or joined the teams of top projects. It’s almost impossible to drag them. Or too expensive.

The conditional HeadHunter won’t work:

1. It’s long.

2. HR or another person who selects resumes will need more expertise to select such personnel.

3. It is impossible to understand from the summary how ready a person will be to learn new things and how much he wants to immerse himself in the blockchain atmosphere.
You can prepare tests for knowledge of programming languages. But there is always a chance that a potentially good developer with a gap in some tasks will not score the required points. And a specialist, from whom there will be no sense, will answer all questions. Here it is essential to look at whether a person is ready, in principle, to solve problems on his own and whether he is ready to explore and master new tools. In a blockchain that is only gaining momentum, it is impossible to predict the next task.

These people need everything: conditions, social package, salary, free schedule, team, and ideas. No one will come for good pay but for a tedious project (of course, they will come, but not the ones you need). Specialists with little experience can come to reduced rates.


The blockchain industry is still very young, but its active growth is constantly changing the requirements for specialists; making a list of skills with a 100% hit is now quite challenging. A blockchain is a development tool and a particular way of thinking. The most important thing is that the people you hire are on fire with the blockchain, use it themselves and be ready to work in the most advanced but still little-studied area.


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