Give Your Home a Fresh Look with These Summer Wallpaper Trends

Give Your Home a Fresh Look with These Summer Wallpaper Trends - living room wallpaper trends 2023

Most homeowners will opt for a quick splash of paint and call it a day when decorating their houses. This is for various reasons, with the most common being that paint is often cheaper because you can do it yourself, and the paint is more inexpensive than wallpaper. However, to think this way is tragic, particularly when you have probably invested your life savings into buying your home in the first place. Moreover, you will spend the vast majority of your life inside your house, and as such, it should look exactly how you want it to. With so many designs and colors available, wallpaper is a versatile tool for setting the mood you want. Let’s explore some ways in which you can create a fresh look in your home using some summer wallpaper trends.

You Can Create A Feature Wall To Draw Attention

Feature walls are used when you want to draw focus into a particular location of a room as soon as you enter. They are a great way to add dimensionality to an otherwise static space and allow you to draw a gaze to a specific feature, such as a fireplace or painting. However, when creating a feature wall with paper, you must ensure that you select the finest option within your budget since this will be the first thing people see. Most reputable wallpaper suppliers will be more than happy to assist you with your selection, and as stated at, the experienced team can help with product selection to match almost any space. By using the professionals’ expertise, you will be better able to choose drains and colors that perfectly fit the style you’re aiming for.

Bright And Bold Patterns Will Light Up Any Room

Using vivid colors and patterns is the best way to convey the spirit of summer. Furthermore, when you opt for summer styles, you will not only match the feeling of that particular season, but it can also brighten the darkest winter months, lifting spirits and reducing the effects of SAD. When choosing colors and patterns, remember to try and stay within your overall aesthetic to avoid creating overtly whacky designs. Of course, this is entirely up to you, but in most cases, designs should blend into the room rather than overtake it.

Bright And Bold Patterns Will Light Up Any Room - colours for bright rooms

Incorporate Geometric Shapes To Create A Contemporary Look

Geometric patterns have been pleasing the human eye for millennia and for a good reason. Geometry creates a symmetry that is pleasant to look at and can conceal oneself in plain sight but also pop out when you’re paying attention. This makes a je ne sais quoi that transforms the blandest room into a stylistic masterpiece.

Opt For A Timeless Vintage Style To Stand Out From The Crowd

Some styles are simply timeless and will stand the test of time regardless of what trends are taking hold at that moment. You can choose these kinds of designs to develop a space that will transcend time while remaining fashionable at any period of time.

Wallpaper is a fantastic addition to a home whether you use it as a feature wall or plaster all available wall space. As long as you choose something that meets your individual taste, you can enjoy the summer and every other season in all their splendor.


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