4 Styles of Drapes and Curtains to Beautify Your Home

4 Styles of Drapes and Curtains to Beautify Your Home - curtain ideas for living room

When you’re looking to make your home feel defined and regal, finding the right set of curtains or drapes for every room in the house should be your top priority. Few decorations tie the room together quite like a high-quality pair of drapes or curtains, after all. If you’ve been looking to tackle your decoration needs in 2023, here are four styles of drapes and curtains you can use to beautify your home:

The 4 Best Drape Styles

1. Classic Drapes

Classic drapes are perfect for homeowners who want to give their homes a distinct, vintage personality. The more decorative nature of classic drapes makes them stand out in a modern setting, but they maintain a subtle elegance that ensures they never look tacky or overdone. If you’re somebody who loves to fill your rooms with knick-knacks and cool vintage finds, classic drapes will compliment your sense of style perfectly.

2. Casual Drapes

If you enjoy an Ikea-like down-to-Earth, function-over-fashion approach to decorating, the casual drape style is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Simply open and close the drapes on the rod you hang them with, and achieve a functional drape set that will keep your life simple, but classy. Many people love using baton draw drapery sets when going with the casual drape style, as they are both affordable and filled with color varieties. By using your imagination, you can make casual drapes match any room’s aesthetic.

3. Modern Drapes

The modern drape style is fantastic for those who love a minimalist aesthetic. They are simple to use, hang, and match to your living space. Especially if you like neutral, earthy tones, you’ll find tons of modern drape products that will fit your tastes. If you want to add a pop of color right next to your drapes, however, you can make your use of the modern drape style feel much more individualistic and daring.

4. Contemporary Drapes

If you’re picturing the typical modern-home style of drapes, you’re likely actually thinking of the contemporary drape style. The way these fold and wrap up when they are not being used is iconic, and helps to add a picture frame/theater stage look to your windows that’s difficult to top. If you’re all for a dramatic flair, contemporary drapes are likely to be right up your alley. They can look great in any color, but the materials for these drapes tend to be velvety, and therefore compliment bolder colors.

The 4 Best Curtain Styles

1. Valance Curtains

If you want to have a modern elegance aesthetic, especially if you’re decorating a bedroom, valance-style curtains are the way to go. They pair well with rooms that embrace excess, large pillow sets, and classy paintings. If you’ve been in a nice hotel in the past decade, you’ve likely seen a quality pair of valence curtains up close. If you want to add this aesthetic to your own home, be sure to check out the huge variety of amazing valance curtains that are on today’s online marketplace.

2. Tie Top Curtains

Tie top curtains have become trendy over the last few years, so trend-chasers will love shopping for them. The tie top curtain style uses delicate tie tops along the drawing rod to create a unique, DIY-type look that many people fall in love with. The rest of the curtain is usually simple and prioritizes function over fashion. If you want a straightforward curtain style, with just a bit of flair, then you’ll get a lot of value out of tie top curtains.

3. Apron Curtains

If you want a wavy, new-age-style feel to your curtains, going with the apron curtain style is highly recommended. This wavy look feels amazing whether your curtains are open or closed, and they are perfect for keeping the sunlight out of a room when you want to relax. Typically, these curtains will have thick, colorful designs, so they are best for living rooms and bedrooms. However, with the right decorating sense, you can make an apron curtain work anywhere in your home.

4. Box Pleat Curtains

For a curtain style that mixes aspects of the apron and tie top styles, you’ll want to check out box pleat curtains. They are one of the best casual-style curtains on the market and are used in many homes across America. If you’re looking to add style to a room without getting too flashy and want to avoid the thickness that’s typical of most apron-style curtains, you’ll come to love the details of box pleat-style curtains.


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