Proven Ways To Keep Your Mail & Important Documents Safe

Proven Ways To Keep Your Mail & Important Documents Safe - best way to store important documents at home

With over 1 million mail thefts happening every day, it is important to learn the best ways to keep your mail safe. Even though mail theft is a federal crime, there are still many people that risk being fined and going to jail. We have put together this guide to share the best ways to keep your mail safe.

Read on to learn how to keep your mail safe so that your important documents do not end up in the hands of the wrong person.

Sign Up for USPS Notifications

Thanks to technology, you can now stay up to date on Sign up online where you can see scanned images of mail that are scheduled to arrive to you each day. This will help you keep track of what to expect and if something is missing, you can report it to the United States Postal Service.

The last thing you need is to be a victim of identity theft because someone went through your mail and found your personal information.

Locking Mailbox

Another way to keep your mail safe is to invest in a locking mailbox. As you can see from MailboxEmpire, there are different styles of mailboxes to suit every taste and one of which is a locking mailbox. This type of mailbox has a slot where the mail carrier can slide your mail into the locked portion of your mailbox.

Once the mail is slid into this slot you don’t have to worry about someone coming around, opening your mailbox, and stealing any of your mail.

Locking Mailbox - large locking mailbox for packages


A great way to prevent mail tampering is to install surveillance. When someone is trying to tamper with your mailbox and they notice they are being watched by a camera, they are less likely to mess with your mail.

The best way to inform mail tamperers that they are being watched is with a sign inside your mailbox. When they open your mailbox and see something alerting them that they are under surveillance they are probably going to close the mailbox and not attempt to grab anything.

Your camera can be hidden without being obvious. This will prevent anyone from messing with the camera itself by trying to turn it off or conceal their identity.

P.O. Box

If mail theft is common in your area then renting a P.O. Box is one of the most secure ways to receive mail and prevent any tampering with your mail. These boxes are in your local post office, so the mail delivery will not go to your home, instead, it will go directly to your box.

This will avoid someone from getting a hold of your information and using it online for identity theft, cyber-attacks, etc.

Ready to Keep Your Mail Safe?

Now that you learned the top ways to keep your mail safe, it is time to take action and apply what you learned above. Be as proactive as possible about your mail by picking it up regularly or stopping delivery if you will be out of town for a few days or weeks.


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